Your degree in IT

Job opportunities for IT graduates.

Careers for IT graduates

Your course will have equipped you to be a successful computer professional, with a firm and lasting intellectual foundation that will allow you to acquire new technical specifics with confidence and certainty over a lifelong career.

Jobs directly related to your course

It is important to recognise that within information technology, job titles are not quite as clearly defined and differentiated as you might expect. Make sure that you understand the job definitions that employers use. The jobs for which you might find yourself applying include the following:

  • Analyst/programmer
  • Applications developer
  • Computer sales support
  • Database administrator
  • Information technology consultant
  • Software engineer
  • Software trainer
  • Systems designer
  • Systems programmer.

Jobs where your degree would be useful

Information technology is being used in every single sector of industry to a greater or lesser extent. Therefore, you would be a welcome addition to any employer, even if IT is not your primary role. In addition, your ability to disseminate information quickly and interpret complex text will be valuable.

Employability skills gained from an IT degree

In addition to gaining a great deal of knowledge and technical skills during your degree you will have:

  • Acquired a good general scientific training
  • Developed your capacity to think logically, quantitatively and creatively
  • Learned the importance of being able to communicate your ideas, both verbally through giving presentations and in the form of written assignments
  • Developed good planning and careful execution of your work
  • Worked as part of a group and begun to appreciate the value of co-operation, teamwork and leadership.

In short, your course will have provided you with a whole range of knowledge, skills and attitudes which will be useful for you after you complete your studies, in employment or further study.

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