How to Apply for the Jameson International Graduate Programme

Last updated: 21 Nov 2023, 16:36

General tips on how to demonstrate you have "Serious Character" in both the written and video application.

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Written Application: 1st impressions count

Some general tips on completing a your written application:

  • Allow yourself plenty of time and carefully complete each section.
  • You can complete the written application over a period of time, but be aware the written application web-page can ‘time out’ if left open for too long, so it’s a good idea to save any progress rather than just leaving the page open.
  • Remember you only get one chance to make a good impression. Our assessors will read your written application before viewing your video application, so ensure you grab our attention in your written application.
  • All answers in the written application are mandatory - your entry is not considered complete if any fields are not filled-out.
  • Don’t waffle! Be selective, concise and relevant in your answers. When it comes to editing, remember the art of triple distillation - plan, write and review.
  • Put thought into your answers, using examples from all aspects of your work, academic and social life to convince us why you have that ‘Serious Character’ we are looking for.
  • If you are struggling to find responses to some of the questions, step back for a moment and ask yourself if this role and this graduate programme is really something you want to do.
  • Be honest. We will be using your application form as a reference during interviews, if you reach the Assessment Centre stage of the selection process.

Video Application: show us that ‘Serious Character’

This is your opportunity to show us you are exactly what we're looking for to be the next Jameson Brand Ambassador. The biggest tips we have on creating a successful 2-minute video application are: to be yourself and showcase that ‘Serious Character’ we look for keep your application video to 2-minutes max. To ensure fairness for all applications the assessor reviewing your application will stop watching every video once 2-minutes has passed For more hints and tips on making a successful video application what better way than to make a video with these hints and tips in it! See this below!

How to make the most of your video application

For practical tips on how to demonstrate that you have "Serious Character" during the video application process, make sure to watch this video by clicking the link below

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