Ian Doyle, Senior Loss Adjustor, OSG

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What are the pathways into your career?

There are two main pathways to loss adjusting. The first would be those from a construction background, the likes of architects, surveyors and engineers. They would understand how a building is put together and therefore when something goes wrong, they understand why that might be. The other side would be from an insurance background. You might come in at entry level and work your way up to understand how policies are put together and how they work.

What skills make you successful?

You need to be quite well organised. There is a team structure within the company but you would be responsible for a lot of your own workload. You also need attention to detail so you don’t miss anything.

What other skills do you need?

Communication and people skills are essential. We would deal with a number of different parties daily. You would have the policy holder, the insurance company, brokers, assessors and builders, and all of these need to be kept informed and up to date, and their expectations managed.

Do you have any advice for students?

Try to get a feel for the job. Try to get placed in a loss adjusting firm, an insurance company or a brokers, possibly while you’re in college as a part time job. You will get a feel for how that organisation works and if it might be a fit for you.

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