Adam Hetherington, Client Associate, Core Media

25 Jan 2023, 13:37

Adam Hetherington, Client Associate, Core Media

So what’s involved in your role with Core Media?

I work with Livewire, that’s the sponsorship agency within Core Media, so we work with other media agencies in the area of sponsorship. So if clients of other agencies want to be involved in sponsorship, then we help them bring their ideas and proposals to market. We also have our own clients, so we work with high profile rugby and football teams, for example, and music venues on sponsorship opportunities and how they can maximise their revenues.

What skills do you need to be successful

With my role within Core Media, you need to have really good communication skills. You’re dealing with a wide range of different industries and agencies. Even just in-house, within Core Media, I’m dealing with our research agency, Ignite, our digital agency, Radical, our TV department and our trading department, all to produce a report for the Livewire agency. So there is a huge amount of communication going on, and you need to be able to communicate clearly and effectively to all these different stakeholders and produce results.

What skills did you develop in college?

I did an undergraduate degree in Commerce in UCD. The great thing about the Commerce degree is that it provided experience in a lot of different areas. For example, we covered areas like finance, HR, logistics and marketing. This gives you the ability to be comfortable in a variety of different sectors, which is very useful to me now so I can communicate internally and externally in a language that colleagues and partners understand. Commerce provided me with a wide base of knowledge that is very useful to me in my day to day work.

How did you choose your career?

I wanted something that merged the business world with things that I was passionate about, such as sport of all types and music. I wanted to build a career that I am passionate about and makes me want to go into work on a Monday morning. I’ve really got that opportunity with Core Media and they have allowed me to do that.

Do extra-curricular activities in college help?

Yes, they do. I was business editor of the College Tribune in UCD and my experiences there were a huge help to me in the application process for Core Media. In the Tribune we worked with staff in terms of recruiting and retaining writers, but we also used to sell advertising space. So that gave me somewhat of an insight into what Core Media do, albeit on a much larger scale.

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