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Machine learning engineer

24 Feb 2023, 15:28

As a machine learning engineer you will work across the boundaries of engineering, science and technology to deliver solutions based on the ever-evolving capabilities of artificial intelligence.

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Machine learning engineering is a branch of artificial intelligence which involves designing algorithms and programmes that enables machines to perform actions without being directly asked to do so. The most relevant example of this would be the programmes that are used within self-driving cars


Not only do machine learning engineers develop the initial programmes used within AI machines but they also need to provide computers and machines with the ability to learn and improve independently of human interaction.

What the job involves

As a machine learning engineer you will have to develop algorithms and programmes from scratch and use meticulous testing methods to make sure that when put into practice the programmes are almost fault free. There is a lot of collaboration with engineers from different backgrounds and working as part of large teams. Analysing large amounts of data is a key feature of the job as well as using data modelling strategies.


  • Exceptional mathematic skills
  • Experience in using coded language such as Java
  • Python coding skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Be able to process large amounts of information
  • Experience of a typed language (such as, C++ and Java)
  • Linux SysAdmin skills
  • Messaging (including, Kafka, RabbitMQ, ZeroMQ)
  • Distributed systems operating knowledge (such as, Etcd, zookeeper, consul)
  • Familiarity with infrastructure as code (Terraform, Cloudformation and similar)

Typical employers

There is a high demand for machine learning engineers throughout a wide varied of sectors. Artificial Intelligence is becoming a key part of society with it set to play a significant part in our future meaning that there is high employability within a number of multinational corporations. You could find work in the medical industry, an engineering company or within internet security. There are almost limitless possibilities within the technology industry for machine learning engineers.

Typical qualifications

  • Masters degree or PhD in a relevant field
  • Undergraduate degree in computer science, engineering or mathematics
  • Experience in computer programming is essential


  • Starting out in your career, you can expect a salary of around €40,000
  • The average salary for an experienced machine learning engineer is €60,000.
  • If you work for a large multinational company in a senior position your salary could rise to as much as €190,000

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