Northern Ireland and the Republic: what you need to know if you're moving

Moving between the Republic and Northern Ireland can open up new job opportunities, but there are practical issues to consider.

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Flexibility is increasingly important when looking for a job. If you need to move between the Republic and Northern Ireland, here are some practical tips for dealing with the transition.

In Northern Ireland you will need to have a National Insurance (NI) number to work. To apply for an NI number you will need to telephone the Jobcentre Plus National Insurance helpline on +44 (0)845 600 0643. You can find more information on .

In the Republic of Ireland the equivalent of the NI number is the Personal Public Service (PPS) number. A PPS number can be obtained from the local Social Welfare office. For further information visit .

You will need to set up a new bank account. And remember currency is different – in the Republic you will be paid in euros, in Northern Ireland in sterling.

If you work in Northern Ireland, most health treatment is free under the UK National Health Service. In the Republic you have to pay to see a GP (unless you are eligible for a medical card). This could be up to €50 per visit. Many people take out health insurance, and this is often provided by employers.

The Eures Cross-border Partnership was set up to help people who need to commute across the border ('frontier workers').

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