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Our vision is for a climate neutral Ireland by 2050

25 Jan 2023, 13:33

We want to help create a brighter future where Ireland has reached net zero.

Wind turbines with a blue sky in the background

We each have a part to play in climate action

The world is at a critical point and the impacts of climate change will be felt by all. Every individual and organisation has a duty to take action to reduce carbon emissions and increase carbon sinks. Ireland has committed to transitioning to a climate neutral economy by 2050. This means removing the same amount of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere that we release.

We develop climate solutions for Ireland’s greener future.


Climate action starts with changing mindsets. We’ve redefined our role in tackling the challenges posed by the climate crisis. We take tangible action at scale, helping to inspire change and meet Ireland’s climate goals.


Climate action means working with, and for, nature. We’ve changed how we manage our natural assets, and created climate solutions that seek to renew our energy, recycle our waste, and neutralise our carbon emissions.


Climate action means restoring balance. We’re rehabilitating lands for biodiversity, and we’re returning raised bogs to peat-forming conditions so they can store carbon. We’re restoring hope for nature, for the climate and for the future

We deliver clean energy, carbon storage and resource recovery solutions.

Bord na Móna’s mission has four core elements:

  • Provide Ireland with sustainable energy from renewable sources at scale
  • Effectively rehabilitate our peatlands
  • Deliver world-class waste and resource recovery solutions
  • Help Ireland reimagine how it engages with climate action

Read more about Bord Na Móna's vision for a climate neutral Ireland and how they develop climate solutions

Learn more about who we are, our climate solutions, peatlands and our vision for a climate neutral Ireland

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