Our Culture and Values

13 Sept 2023, 15:52

Culture and values at Mazars


Our Culture

Diversity and Inclusion

One of our core values is to ‘respect people’. We embrace diversity, recognising that each individual brings a unique perspective and valuable contributions. Our aim is to foster an inclusive environment where everyone can perform at their best without compromising their personal values and beliefs. We take immense pride in attracting the finest talent from a diverse range of backgrounds, cultures, and life experiences. Together, we work collectively towards a shared goal, operating with integrity, meaning and purpose. Caring has always been at the heart of who we are. How we work is as important to us as what we do. It is what makes us, us.


Connection, collaboration and feeling like you belong are incredibly important at Mazars and events like Summer BBQs, Paint & Prosecco, Pride Brunches, Drag Bingo, Annual 5-a-side Tournaments, Staff Relays, Annual Quiz Nights, Treasure Hunts, Promotions Night as well the many celebration nights throughout the year are run and organised by the firm and our sports & social committees, community groups, teams and departments.


Good people are at the heart of our business. Their wellbeing is our priority, as is providing a healthy environment where they can develop, grow and reach their full potential.

Supporting our team members remains a key focus for us and we provide programmes throughout the year to support social, physical and mental wellbeing as well as introducing Mental Health Champions who are representative from our employee base and provide a confidential service to those in need of support. These were added to complement our existing Employee Assistance Programmes.

Supporting our Local Communities

We firmly believe in our responsibility to give back to society, especially to the local communities that we live and work in. To achieve this, we have a dedicated, staff-driven CSR programme, where we invest in our communities through volunteering days and charitable donations while raising awareness for the charities that we partner with. In 2022 this included:

  • Charitable donations of €220,000.
  • Over 650 staff hours.

Caring for our Environment

Caring for our environment is a top priority for us. As a professional services firm, we strive to minimise our negative impact through a progressive environmental programme. While our direct impact is small, we combat climate change via digital transformation, travel management, and waste reduction. Last year, paper usage decreased by 83%.

We promote ESG reporting globally. Over 25 countries, including France, the UK, and South Africa, issue CSR or Transparency Reports to demonstrate our transparency and values.

We monitor our carbon footprint and avoid activities or industrial processes that have a major negative impact on the environment. Travel is our primary focus, and pre-Covid data showed 0.79 tCO2e per capita. Post-Covid, this has reduced significantly and will be measured again this year.

Our Values

We have always remained true to our founder’s values of deep ethical commitment, responsibility and belief that technical excellence is the key to success.

We approach every piece of work with integrity, independence, accountability and a social conscience. Our values guide us in everything we do: how we meet the needs of our clients, how we develop our people and what role we play in our communities

Act with Integrity

To keep and cultivate the trusting relationship we have with our clients, we must always be honest and straightforward.


We care about our impact on the communities where we work and seek to make a positive difference.

Diversity and Respect

We treat everyone with respect, so they feel valued for their diversity, unique perspective and contribution.

Technical Excellence

We innovate and develop our people to meet our clients’ and stakeholders’ evolving needs.

Think Independently

We value our independence and as trusted advisors, our advice is always objective and unbiased.


We believe in helping shape the future and are committed to responsible business practices, ethical conduct, community engagement, and the long-term development of our employees.

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