Tech sector salaries: What can I earn as an IT graduate?

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Graduates landing jobs with employers in the IT sector can expect, on average, to earn a salary of just under €32k in their first graduate job, according to gradireland research. Technology is an area with strong earning potential but remember to focus on the right job and develop your skills first.

Should I negotiate?

At entry level there is rarely room to negotiate a higher salary, however some IT companies do have salary ranges. Your placement within these will depend on your academic qualifications, previous experience and performance in the selection process. You should research and find out exactly what level of experience and education will land you the starting salary you deserve. A 2019 study by the Central Statistics Office found that graduates from technology courses earn significantly more in their first five years after leaving college than other graduates, earning an average of €815 a week.

Do postgrads earn more?

If you possess a master's degree or PhD, some employers may place you on a higher starting salary. A postgraduate degree is one factor that could contribute to a higher starting salary.

Future earnings

The average salary for an experienced IT professional varies greatly depending on whether they are in support or development or are a contractor. Personal motivation and your willingness to push yourself will determine how much you can earn. According to research by recruitment agency CPL, at the highest end, according to market data, a Java Developer with less than three years’ experience can earn between €40,000 and €60,000.

The average salary for an analytics consultant is over 30k and as high as 50k, for those with less than three years of experience; for a systems administrator, graduate salaries can be over €45,000; The average salary for jobs requiring PHP, Python, Cold Fusion, Ruby on Rails, Android/iOS, .NET and C+ skills is €45,000–€65,000. For a senior Front End/UI Developer it’s €55,000–€75,000; for a technical architect €80,000–€95,000; and for an engineering/development manager it can be as much as €90,000–€110,000. Remember that you will need to gain experience and develop and prove your experience in a work environment before you can command any of these higher salaries, and that continuous professional development is a very important part of developing in the IT sector. Your skills are a vital part of your employability toolkit, but you’ll need to match them with a willingness to work and learn and soft skills such as communication and teamwork.

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