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21 Jul 2023, 13:31

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brighter futures grad programme

What do Dawn Meats do?

Dawn Meats is a premium meat processor and supplier of choice for a range of leading supermarket, foodservice and restaurant businesses. Established in 1980, Dawn Meats is an industry leader with annual revenues of over €1bn, employing over 7,000 staff in 15 countries and exporting to over 50 countries.

As a family owned and managed company Dawn Meats has a real sense of place in the community through the geographically diverse team members, farmer suppliers and many consumers who enjoy our products on a daily basis.

Dawn Meats remain true to its farming heritage through the close relationships forged with over 20,000 farmers in the UK and Ireland

What Grad jobs are on offer?

  • Agriculture & Livestock Procurement
  • Engineering
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Food Safety & Quality
  • Health, Safety & Environmental
  • Human Resources
  • New Product Development
  • Production & Operations
  • Sales & Commercial

Is there a limit on how many areas a person can apply for?

On our application form, we will ask you to fill in your first and second preferences. You will also have the opportunity to list some more preferences in the comments section. However, there is no limit to how many disciplines you apply for through our Graduate Vacancies section of our Careers Portal.

If so, will one application do for my areas of interest or do I need to complete separate applications?

If we receive one application listing other areas of interest, we will consider this further and review accordingly.

Do you have to be a recent graduate to apply?

Absolutely not, Dawn Meats is an equal opportunities employer and accepts graduates with all backgrounds and experience.

Do I need a background in Agriculture?

No, a background in Agriculture is not an essential requirement for any of our graduate roles.

What is the recruitment process?

Once we reach the closing date, all applications are reviewed and shortlisted. The applications that have made the shortlist will be contacted by phone and an initial phone screen will take place. If you get through the phone screen, you will be invited for interview.

Generally, we will only have one interview with a member of the HR team and a Hiring Manager. From here it will be decided if you are suitable for the Dawn Meats Graduate Programme.

What type of interview will it be?

Competency based interview.

When can I expect to start if I am successful at interview?

In line with business needs, successful candidates will be contacted with a proposed start date following completion of the recruitment process.

What site will I be selected for?

On the application form, you will be asked to give a first and second preference for location. We will try to accommodate this in so far as we can. However, it is largely dependent on the graduate discipline you have applied for and the demand in each site.

Will I receive a Permanent Contract?

The programme offers a full-time/permanent contract on successful completion of your 6-month probationary period.

Will my salary be reviewed throughout the programme?

The Graduate salary is reviewed at the end of year one and two depending on performance. This is a standard scale designed for each discipline.

Will I get training throughout the programme?

Yes, all our graduates will receive both on the job training and specific external training.

Will there be a requirement to travel and do I need a drivers licence?

Yes, there may be a requirement to travel as part of this programme particularly with regard to training at other sites. A drivers licence isn’t a requirement but a distinct advantage.

Is there availability to work in one of your overseas sites?

If you have an interest in travelling and working at one of our overseas sites we will try to accommodate this request. However, this will be dependent on the availability within the sites requested.

If I started in one discipline and decided it was not for me, could I move to an alternative field?

Again, depending on availability, demand and your skill set, we would try and accommodate this in so far as we can.

What happens after the 2 years Graduate Programme?

You will be signed off as completing your Graduate Training Programme within your assigned field and you will then become a general member of staff.

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