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International Career Opportunities at BNY Mellon

25 Jan 2023, 13:33

Sandra Mollen, Global Head of Securities Data Management and Head of Brazil Operations, shares her career story at BNY Mellon.

International Career Opportunities at BNY Mellon
BNY Mellon

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By Sandra Mullen

What makes a share price move? The interview question I was asked at an investment bank which began my journey in Market Data and that truthfully I did not have a good answer at the time. My financial services career started in a pricing role, and each day, we looked at index movements, company news, and political influence on the global markets. As with anything, I became more and more interested, notably from asking questions about the day's events.

Fast-forward ten years to August 2008 when I joined BNY Mellon to head up the Market Data team, based in Dublin. After a year my Dublin remit widened to London and soon after we were setting up a team in India and extending our operations to Germany. Setting up Market Data operations has its challenges but is a very exciting and rewarding experience which has exposed me to new people and cultures.

Market Data (known as Securities Data Management at BNY Mellon), may not be a familiar concept to many, but what we cover includes pricing security setup/maintenance and accounting corporate actions which directly impacts our clients and multiple funds.

Bringing individuals together and collaborating face-to-face has been fundamental to us learning from each other and developing expertise in each location. Creating a strong network requires hard work and I am so empowered by the talent at BNY Mellon and the drive within my global team. I am committed to creating an enabling environment for my team, fostering transparency and openness. It is important for me to stand in my team’s shoes looking through their lens, as I recognise that I am in my current role because of supportive managers.

In 2015 I was promoted to Global Head of Securities Data Management based in Dublin. Since joining BNY Mellon, I have enjoyed each opportunity and challenge, and my latest area of focus is how to integrate operations in Brazil. Starting with the familiarity of stabilising local Dublin operations, to growing the team and looking at improving efficiencies in our global operating model is a journey that I look forward to continuing to develop.

Sandra Mollen is the Global Head of Securities Data Management and Head of Brazil Operations, having joined BNY Mellon in Dublin in 2008. She is responsible for a global team covering Global Pricing, Corporate Actions, and Security Maintenance. Sandra is also a member of the BNY Mellon Women's Initiative Network and sits on the board for one of BNY Mellon's charity partners, Junior Achievement Ireland.

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