Job hunting for mature graduates

As a mature graduate re-entering the job market, you can improve your chances by being positive about your life experience.

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AGR and AGCAS (Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services) have devised these tips for mature graduates.

  • Produce a concise CV that clearly outlines all your relevant experience. Try to match your experience to the job requirements, and be prepared to produce more than one version of your CV. Fully research each employer and occupation. If you get an interview you’re half way there, so be confident.
  • Use positive language in tailored applications and at interviews. As a starting point, never apologise for your age or previous experience.
  • Use contacts from previous jobs, friends, or family – create your own network. Remember, you have probably met more people in your lifetime than the average graduate has.
  • Identify the skills you developed from your previous work, studies, and general life experience (eg teamwork, communication and adaptability).
  • Stress your ability to hit the ground running – you know all about working for a living.
  • Demonstrate your experience of making effective decisions, and give examples.
  • Highlight your time management, organisation and self-motivational skills. You’ve just spent a number of years improving these skills during your study.
  • Demonstrate your flexibility and experience of studying and working in mixed-age environments.
  • Convey your reliability, loyalty and confidence to manage change.
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