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Careers in the esports industry

30 Jan 2023, 14:43

If you’ve a passion for gaming, tech skills or a strong interest in social media marketing, then the rapidly growing esports sector could be for you

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One example of a growing sector that is spanning several career sectors is the esports industry, also known as competitive video gaming, which is played live and broadcast to an online audience comprising millions of viewers worldwide. This lucrative, multi-million dollar industry is currently booming and possibilities exist for career paths in a range of disciplines

A good example of a new career field that remains high in demand throughout the esports industry is social media. For those looking to launch a career as a social media manager or even a social media marketing associate, the esports sector demands constant development of new and exciting content for all social platforms. Those familiar with roles in the entertainment industry such as reporters, commentators and show hosts will be pleased to know that the exciting esports industry continually requires candidates to cover all aspects of the field from live games and player interviews to business matters and marketing events.

Career paths in the sectors of art, design and even retail merchandising are popular throughout the industry to meet growing demands for 2D and 3D stage planning at events, designing of game content to optimise user experience and animation and processing of data for games. Merchandising and apparel for game companies has created a new platform that requires designing, sourcing, production oversight and even warehouse management roles within the ever-expanding esports market.

Game testers and even QA testers who have a passion for gaming and entertainment can find roles in testing and documenting everything from online games to live streaming experiences. And that’s not to mention gaming hardware, that needs configuration and regular maintenance.

Those with strong leadership traits and an interest in video games can find themselves becoming team managers for high-earning professional gamers or even community managers tasked with forming and monitoring online gaming communities across the globe.

Even job types such as translation and interpretation are required for services throughout the worldwide gaming community. In short, the industry of esports requires a multitude of career types that allows for those from all sectors to connect around the ever evolving and interactive world of online gaming.

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