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A day in the life - Leandro Hideki Abe

25 Jan 2023, 13:33

A day in the life of a Three Graduate as part of the RAN Graduate Programme

RAN Graduate Programme 2023 (Electrical & Electronic Engineering)

What made you decide to apply to Three for a graduate role?

Technology is one of my passions, it can provide knowledge, access, connectivity, and innovation. I was looking for a graduate role where I would be able to develop myself and at the same time be involved with innovative technology. Being part of this phenomenal company that connects millions of people through Ireland’s fastest mobile network was an easy choice.

Why did you choose this area of the business?

Tech offers endless opportunities to learn and develop. The fact that Three’s technology graduate programme provides rotations with different teams and exposure to different areas was a plus, there is always something new to learn. I believe that is a great opportunity to gain exposure to how the business work as a whole.

What is Three like to work for?

I am starting my second year now and looking it back, it has been a great journey so far. Three Graduate programme create a great sense of community from day one, through the onboarding week. That week is all about gathering the new grads to learn about Three core values and get a holistic picture of how the business work. That was really valuable for us, the fact of starting alongside other grads in a new company with similar challenges brought us together.

To start working with technology can be very challenging. However, my team was super welcoming and they taught me a lot. The RAN (Radio Access Network) engineers are very knowledgeable and working with them helped me to develop myself faster than I expected, it became easier and easier to take on more responsibilities and get involved in different projects and tasks. Since the beginning, I could feel my work adding real value to the team.

Another thing that I enjoy about working at Three is the Hybrid work model being office based 2/3 days a week is perfect, and that flexibility certainly improves my work-life balance. Whether you are working from home or in the office, you can still feel that the values of the business are being followed every day. Additionally, the Sports and Social Club is always organizing fun events to connect with our colleagues after work hours.

What 3 pieces of advice would you give anyone thinking of applying?

  1. Research the industry and company. Learning how the business and the company operate will not only bring you more confidence at the interview, but will confirm if the role is the right fit for you.
  2. Study the Three’s values. Understanding Three’s values and how they relate to yourself is important, if there is a match of values it will probably lead to a win-win situation.
  3. All Experiences are relevant. It does not matter if you never worked in Tech or in a corporate environment before. Soft skills are used all the time, always have in mind a few examples of how you used them.

RAN Graduate Programme 2023 (Electrical & Electronic Engineering)

If you like the sound of what Leandro is saying and you want to be part of the Three Graduate Programme, apply before the closing deadline by clicking the link below.

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