Life as a new hire during Covid

Amy O'Reilly, Field Services Engineer at Nikon Precision Europe

Image for Life as a new hire during Covid

Joining a company during a pandemic could be seen as a daunting experience but there is no place more equipped to welcome and train new hires virtually.

With the restrictions, it’s hard to meet and get to know the team but we have some incredible administrators who come up with event ideas such as origami workshops or online pizza parties to help everyone to meet each other.

As a New hire in COVID we were trained primarily through remote & online options, focusing on a lot more of the technical/theoretical aspects of the job.

Nikon has still put us on shift in supporting roles to assist senior engineers and learn along the way. We are each assigned a mentor, a senior team member tasked with helping u learn the ins and outs of the job.

The job itself is exciting and challenging and I look forward to things getting back to normal.

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