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Hear from Fionn Bracken about how a graduate programme prepared him for working life at Fidelity Investments


Fionn Bracken

Associate Software Engineer

Fidelity Investments

After studying mathematics in University College Cork, Fionn Bracken wasn’t quite ready to start his career so he took some time out to travel and work in different countries.

During the pandemic, he decided he wanted to pursue a role as a software engineer, which led him to complete a master’s degree in data science at University College Dublin.

He now works as an associate software engineer at Fidelity Investments, having joined the company’s four-month Leap immersive technology programme.

“I was attracted to the software industry as I enjoy problem solving in technical areas, but I also enjoy seeing how solving problems can benefit users and people’s lives. I feel that software has a short feedback loop, which helps me see the impact of my work quickly,” he said.

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