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Navigating My Internship: Johari Garcia

12 Apr 2023, 09:36

Guidewire Basecamp graduates and interns are able to take on real work and responsibilities from day one, all while receiving support to grow, learn, and ultimately thrive. At Guidewire, we work with our interns to map out potential career paths and growth opportunities. Johari Garcia, now a full-time Salesforce Engineer with Guidewire, reflects on her experience kickstarting her tech career as a Salesforce Engineer Intern in Mississauga, Canada.

Johari Garcia

Starting Your Career Journey

Computer science is a world that has always fascinated me. I remember that little Peruvian girl whose eyes stood glued with curiosity as she watched a tech consultant actively work on her family’s computer in her hometown. That first moment, among many more, would spark a light in me, which after years of continuous growth and experience would lead me to become the Tech Engineer I am proud to call myself today. Arriving in Canada as an international student whose language and culture are quite different in many ways, I was excited and nervous to say the least. However, from the moment I initiated my internship program with Guidewire, I have received an endless amount of support from the company, managers, and entire team. It has truly been a one-of-a-kind opportunity that I feel grateful to share and recommend to any future tech intern.y

New Skills Learned Every Step of the Way

One of the most profound lessons I can take away from this journey as an intern is to trust the opportunities that push you to step out of your comfort zone. Do not feel discouraged if your original idea or plan takes a surprising turn because no learning opportunity is anything but beneficial for your growth. Although my current internship position did not start out as my initial choice, I look back on it now as the best opportunity that I could have ever envisioned for myself. It was all thanks to the kind and supportive team of managers that took their time to study my curriculum, my strengths, and my knowledge. They placed me in a team where I would feel happy and challenged in the best way, but most importantly, where I would be allowed to grow professionally. Being able to contribute as part of the Salesforce Team alongside all the amazing people I have had the privilege of working with and getting to know better has been nothing short of incredible.

I have learned beyond anything they could’ve taught me in a class while building valuable experience and teamwork. I have been given the opportunity to gain experience developing reports and dashboards, implementing Salesforce customizations to meet business needs, and hands-on experience with platform tools (Data Loader, Data Wizard, Visual Studio Code and Workbench) among many other tasks. Moreover, I was also given the chance to participate in various company events, activities, and meetings where I could interact with my team, actively listen, and contribute our ideas and shared experiences. It is really refreshing being able to collaborate with so many incredible people from all different locations around the globe and backgrounds coming together to work and cooperate effortlessly and respectfully. Guidewire truly creates such a comfortable and enjoyable work environment that I feel grateful to have been a part of during the entire internship program.

Johari's journey continued

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