Kevin Byrne - Field Service Engineer, Nikon Precision Europe

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"Working with high-tech equipment was always going to be central to my career. Technology was my favourite subject in school and I went on to work with advanced technologies throughout my entire third-level education. From summer placements spent building mass spectrometers, to an internship with Ireland's national metrology institute, to then developing novel radiation detectors during my master's – Nikon's NSRs felt like a very natural progression.

I applied for a Field Service Engineer role with NPE through LinkedIn and got a phone call from their technical recruiter Karl soon after. This introduction was very thorough and allowed me to get a strong grasp of all things at NPE. This helped me really understand my suitability to the role before going for interview, enabling me to feel confident from the outset and thoroughly enjoy the technical component.

When I started working with NPE, many of the potential difficulties associated with starting a new job amidst a global health pandemic became reality, and in such a hands-on role, our training requires practical knowledge and experience. Even though arranging physical on-the-job experiences alongside lockdowns of ever-varying severity has proven very difficult, NPE have been able to maintain a steady flow of training opportunities. Particularly when working from home for extended periods, NPE have made the new hire experience as valuable and as gratifying as possible."

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