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Graduate careers advice: you and your business and management studies degree

22 Jun 2023, 13:21

The range of skills you will acquire from your business and management studies degree will prepare you to adapt quickly and effectively to your employer’s organisation.

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Graduate careers advice on what you can do with you business and management studies degree.

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Work experience

Obtaining a degree in business and management will prepare you for a variety of roles across numerous sectors and industries. Decide on the specific area you want a career in and seek out relevant work experience.

While at university, join clubs and societies that offer you a chance to enhance your communication, teamwork, business and finance skills. Look for a part-time job in an area that will provide the necessary experience for your preferred career. Try to learn commercial skills on the job, develop an awareness of how organisations operate and gain knowledge of business functions.

More information on how you can find work experience can be found here .

What sectors?

Managers proficient in systems, efficiency and operational issues are sought after for roles in a range of industries including fashion, chemicals, health, retail and construction. The private, public and voluntary sectors offer opportunities in management and analysis roles.

Some larger employers may offer graduate training schemes, often focussed on commercial roles. Some will provide you with experience across a variety of departments while others will focus you on specialisation.

Your business and management studies CV

A business and management studies degree will give you a broad knowledge of business organisations and subject-specific knowledge of areas as diverse as finance, markets, operations, information technology, communication and business policy and strategy.

The range of transferable skills you will acquire includes:

  • an awareness of organisational behaviour and structure;
  • problem solving;
  • analytical skills;
  • decision making;
  • communication;
  • numeracy;
  • researching;
  • time management and initiative;

Postgraduate study

Many business and management postgraduates branch out their studies in fields like human resources, finance, marketing and international business management in order to develop skills suited for a specific area of business.

Some employers will support you by allowing you to pursue a professional qualification. Organisations that provide relevant qualifications include:

For more information on suitable courses, visit our Further Study section.

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